A Kiddush is a festive, informal catered buffet enjoyed at the conclusion of morning services on Shabbat and holidays. These weekly kiddushim foster friendships and bonds within a community. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush.

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Seudat Shlishit for the entire year is dedicated in blessed memory of Melvin & Sandra Weiner by the Weiner family.

Here is the list of upcoming Kiddush sponsors and sponsorship opportunities.

Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
15  6 Tishrei  VAYEILECH  Nathan & Mila Ustayev In memory of Nathan's father, Avraham ben Simcha 
 22 13 Tishrei HA'AZINU   Victor & Masha Zak In honor of the BMC congregation & the leadership 
 24 15 Tishrei SUKKOT DAY 1  Uri & Inna Vidrin In honor of our son, Dovid Reuven's birthday
25 16 Tishrei SUKKOT DAY 2    
29 20 Tishrei SUKKOT    
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
1 22 Tishrei SHEMINI ATZERET    
1 22 Tishrei SIMCHAT TORAH EVE Fred & Linda Chanowski   
2 23 Tishrei SIMCHAT TORAH  Fred & Linda Chanowski  
6 27 Tishrei BEREISHIT     
13  4 Cheshvan NOACH     
20 11 Cheshvan LECH-LECHA    
27 18 Cheshvan VAYEIRA Aryeh Leyb & Nina Dubinsky  In honor of Aryeh Leyb's birthday 
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
25 Cheshvan CHAYEI SARAH  Mataev Family In memory of their mother, Sara bat Esther 
10 2 Kislev TOLDOT  Israel & Florina Klipker In memory of Israel's father, Avraham ben Zev 
17 9 Kislev VAYEITZEI 

Dana & Amir Baror 

Bruce & Esther Dezube

In memory of Ilana bat Yonatan Hakohen 

In memory of Bruce's father, Moshe ben Yeshaya Lieb 

24 16 Kislev VAYISHLACH 

 Laura Lerner & Ben Betzalel

Linda & Fred Chanowski

Fern & Craig Hammer 

 In memory of Ben's father, Benyomin ben Baruch

In memory of Fred's mother, Ruth bat Leizer for her 1st Yahrtziet

In memory of Craig's mother, Leah bat Yosef  

Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
1 23 Kislev VAYEISHEV 

 Drs. Ronit & Alex Smolyar

Marina & Dmitry Berdichevsky 

In honor of Rabbi Chaim Prus & Rabbi Shalom Ber Prus

In honor of the baby naming of their granddaughter 

8 30 Kislev MIKEITZ 

Mila & Boris Belopolsky 

Aryeh Leyb & Nina Dubinsky

Ilana & Isaac Edry 

In memory of their parents 

In honor of Menucha Rochel's birthday

In memory of Isaac's father, Eliyahu ben Yitzchak

15 7 Tevet VAYIGASH 

 Masha & Hillel Sims

Dr. Burt & Elaine Stein

In honor of Masha's & Ariella's birthday 

In memory of Henry Choney ben Kopel Hakohen 

22 14 Tevet VAYECHI   Dorit & Yakov Qauter In memory of Dorit's mother, Mazal Bat Sarah
29 21 Tevet SHEMOT  Barbara & Joe Chetoui   In memory of Joe's father, Avraham
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
5 28 Tevet  VAERA Sara Ginsburg  In memory of her mother, Malka bat Chaim & Esther Gittel 
12 6 Shevat BO 

 Linda & Fred Chanowski

Ben Saada 

In honor of Fred's 55th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah & in honor of Ronit & Alex Smolyar's opening of their Dental practice

In memory of Ben's father, Harav Hadayan Chai ben Shabtai 

19 13 Shevat  BESHALACH    
26 20 Shevat YISRO  Lee Mondshein  For the Shul's support during saying the Kaddish for his dear wife, Sheila z"l 
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
2 27 Shevat  Mishpatim  Irina & Doron Shaar  Bar Mitzvah of David Shaar
9 4 Adar I  Terumah Lana & Yakov Resnichenko   In memory of Lana's mother
16 11 Adar I  Tezaveh

Mira Zinger & Derek Buchler 

In memory of Mira's parents, Malka bat Moshe & Moshe ben Shmuel Davidyan  

23 18 Adar I  Ki Sisa  Sophia & Boris Lazebnik   In memory of Boris's mother Rohel Lazebnik
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
2 25 Adar I Vayakhel     
9 2 Adar II  Pekudei Barbara & Joe Cheteoui  
16 9 Adar II  Vayikra Burt & Elaine Stein  In honor of Shaka bat Rivka's 100th Birthday 
23 16 Adar II      
30 23 Adar II      
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
6 1 Nissan   Dr. Bruce & Esther Dezube   In  honor of the birth of their grandchildren
13 8 Nissan    Fred Chanowski & Barbara & Joe Cheteoui In honor of the birthdays of Linda Chanowski & Marty Seltzer 
20 15 Nissan      
27 22 Nissan    Alex & Inga Shrayber In memory of Alex's father, Eliezer ben Aaron 
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
4 29 Nissan Acharei   Rabbi Shalom Ber & Itty Prus  In honor of Mendel's birthday
11 6 Iyaar Kedoshim   Barbara & Joe Cheteoui  
18 13 Iyaar Emor  Anonymous   
25 20 Iyaar  Behar Florina & Israel Klipker    In memory of Israel's mother, Goda bas Yisroel
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
1 27 Iyaar      
8 5 Sivan Bamidbar     
15 12 Sivan Naso  Linda & Fred Chanowski  In honor of Hershy & Yakov Lerner 
22 19 Sivan      
29 26 Sivan Shelach 

 Aryeh Leyb & Nina Dubinsky 

Mandy & Mark Friedman

 Florina & Israel Klipker

In honor of Sonya's birthday 

Leiba bat Feiga

In memory of Florina's mother, Raisa bas Menachem Mendel 

Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
6 3 Tamuz Korach 

Linda & Fred Chanowski

Ben Saada 

In memory of Fred's father, Yakov Yosef ben Shraga Fievish

In memory of his mother, Aliza bat Avraham 

13 10 Tamuz  Chukat

Esther & Bruce Dezube 

Avi Golani 

Florina & Israel Klipker

In memory of Bruce's mother, Miriam bat Aaron 

In memory of his father, Chaim Golani 

In memory of Florin'a brother, Gregory ben Yosef 

20 17 Tamuz Balak  Dr. Alilza Dinna Goldberg In honor of her engagement to Rabbi Yaacov Shmuel Benamou 
27 24 Tamuz Pinchos  Mandy & Mark Friedman  Yaacov ben Shlomo 
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
3 2 Av   Dr. Burton & Elaine Stein  In memory of Burt's father, Israel ben Yosef 
10 9 Av      
17 16 Av      
24 23 Av      
31 30 Av Re'eh  Ilanit & Yaniv Nagar  In memory of Yaniv's father, Zion ben Yechiel 
Date Hebrew Date Parsha Sponsored by Occasion
7 7 Elul Shoftim  Dr. Aliza Dinna Goldberg  Best wishes to the congregation in the coming 5780 year 
14 14 Elul    Aron Mataev In memory of his mother, Esther bat Yosef 
21 21 Elul  

Sara Ginsburg

 Florina & Israel Klipker

In memory of her father, Zev ben Shlomo

In memory of Florina's father, Lazer ben Ephraim 

28 28 Elul      

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