About Us

We offer a creative, progressive, Reggio-inspired Jewish environment where your child’s individual style of learning will be valued and nurtured.

Jewish Creative Preschool unites children, teachers, family & community in a positive and constructive early childhood experience.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality education in a secure, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere. This is achieved with our age appropriate experiential curriculum, our highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art, child centered equipment, the highest level of cleanliness and our ongoing communication with parents.

We take advantage of the best, most innovative educational philosophies based on the principles of Piaget and Dewey, which respect the natural development of children and provide them with a strong and solid foundation that will prepare them for elementary school.

All of the dedicated, caring staff at the Jewish Creative Preschool want to be certain that your child has the very best early childhood experience possible.